Walter Schoenleber does KushDolls

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Meet Walter Schoenleber, a freelance illustrator living out of Miami, Florida. This week he finished a KushDolls inspired piece, in collaboration with Federica Porpora Anastasio. Absolutely amazing work! Would you guys wanna see a KushDolls comic book happen? is it already on the works? Stick around to find out. Meanwhile, let’s have Walter tell us a little bit about himself and what he does, take away, maestro!!

“Illustrating for me has never been about a job. It has been about enjoying something that I love doing as far as I can remember. I’m a self taught artist never went to art school and I have learned everything from first hand experience… by trial and error. As an illustrator I have worked on various projects including illustrations for establishments like Sony, Tees designs for Music Artist Necro, and art designs for local Miami entrepreneur FreshKidsForever. Also, through my art I have been blessed to work with various models and comic book independent creators that have inspired my sexy pinup and comic book style. When not working on commissioned projects I can be found on DeviantArt or on my instagram account @midnightoilstudios posting my latest creations. I let my art take me down new walks in life, finding new opportunities that will use my imagination and share my creative vision.” -Walter Schoenleber.

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