10 Easy Steps To Make The Pumpkin Bong Of Your Dreams!

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Fall is here! What does that mean?? Pumpkin bong time!! Listed below are all the steps you’ll need to create the perfect fall smoking device!! Enjoy!

Fall is all about the fun traditions that we have carried through our childhood. Hot cocoa, red and orange leaves, scarves, gloves, scary movies and cuddling. Everything we all love about this season comes to fruition as soon as that first leaf falls. But, perhaps, the most anticipated part of fall for some people is pumpkin carving! Here is a fun way for all of you sexy stoners to put your own little twist on a timeless craft!

Step one: Find the perfect pumpkin for your makeshift bong. Not too big, not too small!! You’ll want the pumpkin to be easy enough to carve open and gut, but not so big that its overly complicated.

Step two: Gather the rest of your supplies! You will need a mouth piece! Perhaps a thick straw, maybe a metal or hard plastic one, or even a broken mouth piece from a glass bong would do! You will also need  a down stem and a carving tool to cut open the top of the pumpkin, and something to make holes for the mouth and bowl pieces and down stem. Also grab a sharpie or some other colorful markers so that you can decorate your pumpkin rig once it’s all done!

Step three: Cut open the top of the pumpkin. You can use the zig-zag pattern you typically use when carving a pumpkin, but make sure the top can be secured back on top after you’ve gutted it!

Step four: Gut that pumpkin! Get all of the insides out. ( I recommend baking the seeds cause duh, yum, but that’s not necessary.) Make sure all of the stringy goop is out of it before proceeding.

Step five: Take the sharpie and measure the hole you’ll need for your mouth piece and the down stem. Then cut both of those pieces out of the pumpkin. Make sure that the hole you cut for the mouth piece is toward the top of the pumpkin so that it doesn’t fill with water when that step comes. These pieces, unlike the top, you can discard.

Step six: Once everything is cut out, place the mouth piece and down stem where they need to go and fill the pumpkin with enough water so that the down stem is submerged.

Step seven: Place the top back on the pumpkin and test the functionality!

Step eight: (optional) Take some sharpies and decorate the pumpkin bong! Make it your own!

Step nine: Fill that bowl full of your favorite weed and light it up!

Step ten: Get super duper high from a pumpkin!!

Congratulations!! You have just followed 10 steps to get high out of a pumpkin bong! Bask in your basic whiteness and go buy a pumpkin spiced latte to curb those munchies.