10 Things You Never Knew You Wanted To Know About Bongs

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You might care, you might not, but either way you're learning something new!

  1. Bongs/water pipes were used back in the days of early American exploration. Water pipes were used to smoke tobacco way back when the Boston tea party was still a major scandal.
  2. Glass blowing became popular with the help of one well-known group that I’m sure you all know and love. People began selling glass pieces in the parking lots at Grateful Dead concerts. Amongst the paintings and crafts that were sold at the shows, glass blowers began showcasing their work, and the market for glass smoking devices exploded.
  3. Smoking out of a bong can be healthier for you! Using a water pipe instead of a joint or blunt can help avoid the inhalation of toxic chemicals in the papers. So take a bongload to save your lungs!
  4. The more chambers your bong has, the better the filtration. I know it can be showy to have a super nice bong, but you’re absolutely going to get a cleaner hit. Worth it? YEP!
  5. Did you know that a diffuser and a slitted down-stem are basically the same? Functionally, they do the same thing! Keep this in mind when purchasing a down-stem for that basic bong you just picked up from Venice Beach. It’ll make even the cheapest bong seem just a little better.

6. American made glass is getting more and more rare! As glass made in china becomes more common, it becomes difficult for our American glass companies to keep up with the reduction of costs that the competition is putting out there. You’re also compromising quality! Buy local and support your friendly neighborhood glass blowers.

7. Ice catchers are a cute way to make your hit just that much smoother. Add a few ice cubes and your hit will be nice a chilled.

8. When you buy a bong, it’s more than just a smoking tool. You’re buying someone’s art! If you’ve ever seen someone blow glass, it’s truly a sight to behold. The way these artists mold this art is inspiring. Truly complex glass pieces can go for a pretty penny, but when you’re getting a unique, one of a kind bong, it’s absolutely worth every cent.

9. Ash catchers are a sorely overlooked utensil. These babies can help keep your piece cleaner for longer! Have you ever been to a friend’s house and you hit them with the “I’ve got the weed if you’ve got the bong” lines? Then they pull out this piece and the water is black from all the ash they’ve sucked into the water? GROSS. Don’t be that guy. Invest in an ash catcher you cheap SOB.

10. Does size matter? Um, yes. Always. We like big bongs and we cannot lie! But smaller ones are good too, as long as they hit well! But if you know what to do with it I meeeean.*insert winky devil emoji here*