6 healthy alternatives for your favorite munchies!

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It’s a well-known fact that some things in this life just belong together. Bonnie and Clyde, Abbey Road and The Beatles, Snoop Dogg and a fat blunt, and, of course, being super stoned and MUNCHIES! There’s very little that is as satisfying when you’re baked as snacking on some delicious goodies. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but for the people that get that insatiable hunger when they’re high, sometimes the allure of the snacks are curbed by all of the fat and sugar that your favorite snacks contain. Now, I’m not sure if there is such a thing as healthy junkfood, but with this list below, perhaps you can eliminate some of the guilt by eating some better alternatives!

  • Pizza! If you don’t like pizza, are you even a real person? Pizza is a fan favorite for most anyone. But can be unhealthy as it is not only greasy, but also loaded with carbs. You can substitute certain things to make it just a little better for you. Try using a cauliflower crust instead of regular crusts. You can also make your own sauce using fresh ingredients which should help cut back a lot of the sugars.
  • Fries! There are a couple different ways that you can choose heathlier alternatives to the delicious, crispy, salty, savory fries that everyone knows and loves. One option would be to fry the potatoes in coconut oil instead of regular oil. Another way is to use sweet potatoes instead of regular russet potatoes. Not that it will make it healthier, but for those of you that enjoy that mix of sweet and salty, try eating your sweet potato fries with syrup. It’s a match made in heaven!
  • Are you a stoner that enjoys the simple pleasures of waking and baking? Then, once you’re nice and stoned, you want some yummy breakfast! How about some banana pancakes? Instead of using pancake mix and eating those extra carbs, try using mashed up bananas! Once you try this trick, you’ll be hooked! Both delicious and nutritious, my stoney friends!
  • Good ol’ ice cream is a staple for the vast majority of dessert lovers. But the dairy and added sugars can be a little less than healthy. Instead, try having an acai bowl! Pack it with fresh fruits and seeds, along with some granola for added texture. Its insanely yummy, and the sweetness will help curb your craving for ice cream.
  • Chocolate! I know, I know, no one wants to give up their sweet love of chocolate. Luckily for you we aren’t asking you to give it up! Just try something a little bit better for you. Stick to dark chocolate as much as you can! Even replacing a few pieces of your milk chocolate with dark will help alleviate some of the guilt that indulging in chocolate brings.
  • Last on our list, but certainly not least, soda! Some people just love their bubbly, sugary crack. Cant say I blame them! The stuff is yummy! So maybe, instead of sipping on that Dr. Pepper, you try some carbonated flavored water or club soda. As an added treat you can add some of your favorite fruit to the drink, making the flavor that much tastier!

I know that not everyone is interested in healthy alternatives to their munchie foods, but to help keep that summer body on point, and those extra pounds off of your mid-section, try a few suggestions! You might even like them more! Okay, probably not, too far, I know, but at least you won’t feel guilty after you eat them! Maybe that means you can eat more? Dealers choice I guess! But seriously, try some sweet potato fries with syrup. The bomb guys. For real.