Bringing Down The House With Amber! Literally…

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When A MilkBath Shoot Turns Sour!

Last weekend, we went over to Huntington Beach to shoot with the always lovely Amber! Drawing inspiration from a few of our lovely followers on Instagram, we decided to try our hand at a Milk Bath shoot! Showing up with a bouquet of flowers and a gallon of milk, we went to work setting up the bathtub. Amber’s tub is stunning, but a unique shape, so it took us a bit to set it all up, but once it was all set up and the flowers and cannabis leaves were floating around I had all the heart eyes! Our 420 milkbath dreams were coming true!

We got right to work shooting videos and photos, and Amber looked stunning! it was a beautiful setup! Until it wasn’t!

Shortly after we began shooting we were informed that her tub had started to leak through the downstairs ceiling! So we shot what we could while it drained, and I don’t think I have ever seen a photoshoot happen so fast!

Amber and Mickie made the best of it, and we cranked out some truly stunning content.

Videographer/Editor: Mickie Vulture