Cocktails, Anyone?

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Happy hour awaits! 

We brought the whole crew down to Downey to shoot at the incredible “Cocktails, Anyone?” Two of our gorgeous Kushdolls, Duchess & Katt, came out to join us for the fun at this badass lounge. The lighting was perfect and the atmosphere was so chill. The lovely owner shut the place down for us, so it was just our crew there shooting all of the action. Our Kushdolls played a friendly game of pool while sparking up some joints, and even hopped onto the pool tables mid-game for a sexy sesh. They danced around to some Cardi B and we hotboxed the whole place! These girls killed it, like always, and the photos we got at this incredible location will blow you away! Huge thanks to our awesome crew of photographers that came out to shoot, and an even bigger thanks to the beautiful owner for opening up her doors for us to create some amazing content. We truly had a blast and hope to return to Cocktails, Anyone soon for some more fun!