Double Trouble at Infamous Glass Headquarters

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Infamous Glass Meets The KushDolls

We were lucky enough to shoot with a couple of stunning stoner chicks at the Infamous Glass HQ! Every cannabis lover can appreciate a beautiful piece. Showing off your awesome glass is a proud moment for a cannabis enthusiast! So, to see these pieces being created in front of us was awesome! Not only that, but a glass blower doing his thing in the background while our gorgeous KushDolls modeled in the Frame was a sight to behold.

The absolutely adorable Duchess came out and killed it! She rocked the signature KushDolls bodysuit and made the crop top look cuter than it already was. Dancing around in between shots, she was so cute, and so much fun to shoot with!

Miss Lily joined us and gave us some major bad girl vibes! Typically a car model, this was a touch outside of her comfort zone, but she still rocked every angle and gave us some gorgeous shots with plenty of attitude! She happily posed next to an open flame and I’m not sure what was hotter, the fire, or her!

Special thanks to Infamous Glass and Mr. Dabbinport for being one of our awesome sponsors. It was an absolute pleasure shooting at the shop!