Getting To Know Alexis Fawx!

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We had the awesome opportunity to sit down for an interview with the gorgeous, and totally limit-less Alexis Fawx!  Keep reading for the juicy details! 

KushDolls: Let’s start with the basics! Who are you, and where are you from?

Alexis: I’m Alexis Fawx, and I currently reside in Vegas!

KushDolls: Nice! That’s a fun place!

Alexis: Yeah! It’s funny actually, now that I’m a resident here, I never go out to the clubs or anything unless someone is here visiting me or there’s any shows that I want to see.

KushDolls: That makes sense!! How different is it to live there versus when you would just visit?

Alexis: Well, I only visited like twice before I moved here because I don’t gamble and I don’t drink, but I love the nature surrounding the city. There’s so many cool mountains and places like that to see here. Not only is it good for hiking, but it makes for a great landscape for photographers here. It’s a shift though for sure, because before this I lived in Miami for 17 years, so I was used to the moisture and high heat and the ocean, which I still love! It takes a lot to acclimate to one area and honestly I’m not even in Vegas for more than a week’s times usually because I am traveling so much.

KushDolls: I completely understand that. How long have you worked in the adult industry?

Alexis: I got into the adult industry in July 2010 actually! In Florida. I started to do some small projects and took it from there. I took a little break from shooting for a while and just did webcamming and I went to massage school and got my license in massage therapy for disabled and terminally ill patients and even some athletes, and then started back up in 2015 in the industry. I’ve just been moving forward since then!

KushDolls: Wow! Massage school? That’s awesome! I love that. Was that personal to you? Was there any specific reason that you chose to work with disabled and terminally ill people?

Alexis: I like it! I wanted a career that was different than the norm. I didn’t want to just focus on the luxurious side of it, and I also didn’t want to work for anyone. I was accustomed to working for myself for so long and this was a career which allowed me to continue that. Aside from that, I enjoyed making people feel better. I’m a total massage whore! I had a massage last night and I’m thinking about getting another one today! My muscles get sore, and in the line or work I do, I consider myself a sexual athlete! I know that sounds silly, but it’s true! It’s a work-out for sure, so I know how people can get sore and massage just makes your whole body feel so much better.

KushDoll: That’s a great way to look at it!

Alexis: Yes! Sometimes you feel like an acrobat! A director will be like, “Alexis can you put your hand right there, and then put your leg over there?” And I have to just say, “Yeah, sure!” And just do it! It’s funny. I’m always thinking to myself, “What algorithm did this come up on? What are people watching that makes them want to see me bend that way?!” It makes me pity the poor girls who aren’t flexible! It’s hilarious!

KushDolls: Oh my gosh, I don’t think we really consider those things as the consumer! So we thank you for twisting yourselves into pretzels for all of our viewing pleasure! Those massages are well-deserved!

Alexis: Right?!

KushDolls: So, you started in 2010 and you have a huge social media presence! What would you attribute your social media success to?

Alexis: For me, it’s the same with any social media, I think that the secret for any of the social media platforms is going to be simple: Put up good content first of all. What I mean by that, is that what I strive for on my account is that I don’t want to only have followers that watch my porn, I want a variety of people to follow me because I’m so much more than just my porn. I want people who are going to appreciate my posts about new products, I’m also starting to produce my own comedy show in LA now, I have some coffee beans that are coming out so I want a more broad base of people instead of just people that watch my videos. And for me, since we all know that Instagram is so strict, I have to really be careful and I’m unable to really promote my adult content anyways, so I have to promote little parts of my life in different ways. I post things I like and enjoy, ill post about a scene coming up as long as I have a very safe Instagram friendly post. Ill also don’t post my personal relationships. Ill post pics of me and my girlfriends, or a picture of me and a comic in my show or something like that. A little sprinkle about me.  Ill post about my scenes because I know that I have a lot of people who follow me just for that, but there’s different parts of me. The no-makeup selfies, and me just enjoying life. Ultimately, you just have to be interesting. There’s billions of people on Instagram. You have to set yourself apart.

KushDolls: Totally. I actually noticed that about your Instagram account. You present yourself as very real. I’ve seen other adult actresses on Instagram and they don’t post anything but their adult content, so I really liked that about your page. I do see you post quotes, and you post pictures of you out in nature and stuff. Definitely a lot more than just your adult content. You seem very Zen, and I’m not sure if that’s because you have a good relationship with cannabis, but it very apparent that you’re comfortable with yourself past just what you do in the industry.

Alexis: Oh, I love my cannabis!

KushDolls: And we love that! As KushDolls, that was one of the main reasons we wanted to interview you. You’re a huge cannabis connoisseur and we were like, “Yes! Let’s do it!”

Alexis: Definitely! It’s also not like cannabis became popular and suddenly I’m using it, vie been using marijuana now for over thirty years, since I was a very young girl, so we’ve definitely gotten better over time and I’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry so to be a part of any influence in the cannabis industry, I just know how over time it changes and I travel a lot so it’s a lifestyle for me. It keeps me calm, it helps me sleep, it keeps me from getting anxious, and so it’s just become a huge part of my life.

KushDolls: I love that.

Alexis: Most of what I put in my body these days is cannabis and coffee and I’m happier. I don’t get sick and it’s pretty fucking amazing! I’m happy and healthy, and I’m probably healthier now than I was 20 years ago. Also, with it becoming legal all of the dreams I had as a young kid of like opening a coffee shop, or having something like that or doing something in cannabis, and now being able to produce and host this comedy variety show that is cannabis friendly is amazing. I don’t drink, I’m not against drinking, I just don’t do it myself, so I wanted to have a situation where people like myself who don’t drink can have a joint and watch some comedy and eat some good food and just have a night out!

KushDolls: That sounds seriously awesome!

Alexis: It’s just a cool thing to do and be able to go enjoy a show and smoke your weed. There are few places here in LA where you can just go and smoke. Even though it’s legal, it’s like once you leave the dispensary you’re kind of out of luck. You can smoke at home, but really nowhere else, so I want to create an environment where we can make that happen.

KushDolls: It’s amazing that you’re looking ahead at some of the issues that we face even in light of the legalization. We are going to have to check out the show and see what it’s all about. Is there anything else you’re working on?

Alexis: Yes! I’m kind of in the works on a CBD/THC line of sexual products such as lubes or oils so that sex can be more comfortable and pleasurable for women. Just overall self-care for women.

KushDolls: It’s awesome that you, as a woman, are bringing light to that because I feel like it’s hard for a lot of ladies to let go and just enjoy sex with their partner.

Alexis: It’s all about valuing your time together and enjoying the person that you’re with.

KushDolls: I agree 100%. It’s so important.

KushDolls: So, where would you like to see the cannabis industry head in the future?

Alexis: I’d definitely like to see it more organized. At this point it’s like, pull it together guys. Like I said before, we can buy recreationally now, but there’s no place to smoke it! It’s weird that they didn’t think about that. So I’d like to see more places where people can smoke their meds for sure.

KushDolls: That’s a great point to make. Everyone got so excited about it being legalized so they kind of stopped at that point and didn’t really plan further. You mentioned a cannabis coffee shop and I think something like that should be more readily available.

Alexis: Right! They’re setting us up for failure!

KushDolls: Completely.

KushDolls: What is something that our readers would like to know about you that no one knows?

Alexis: That’s such a hard question! I don’t think there’s anything that people don’t know! I’m kind of an open book! My life is pretty much out there for everyone to see! I think my fans know more about me than my own mother because she doesn’t follow me on Instagram!

KushDolls: Okay, here’s an easier question, what is your favorite food?

Alexis: Oh! I’m such a foodie! That’s another really hard question! But I will say that I’m loving all of the delicious Mexican food on the west coast! But really, I love all food.

KushDolls: Okay so this is our last question and it might be a hard one too, but, what would you say to a younger version of yourself knowing what you know now?

Alexis: Just trust that everything will be all right. Just trust it. Life is practice so you have to really be committed to you and your life and when you’re that committed to your life, you’re committed to happiness so that what I strive for. You fall, but you learn and I think my hardest struggles were the ones I learned the most from.

KushDolls: That’s very profound and insightful and I really love that. People can learn a lot just from following you on Instagram! That’s amazing. I want to give you a huge thanks for sitting down and chatting with us. You seem like a really awesome person and we can’t wait to see your comedy show grow even more!

Alexis: Thank you so much guys!!

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Alexis for taking the time to talk with us and for having us at her amazing Comedy show! We hope you enjoyed the read as much as we enjoyed talking and hanging with her!