Getting to know Tana Lea: Part 1

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KushDolls had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the Texas native red-headed bombshell, booming social media presence, and adult actress, Miss Tana Lea. We asked her questions about her inspirations for work, how she feels about relationships, what cannabis means to her, and much more! Keep reading for the tea on Tana Lea!

KushDolls: From only starting in the adult industry in April of 2017 you’re making quite an impression. What do you attribute such a fast rate of success to?

Tana Lea: Well, before I started, I was on snap-chat. Back in 2014, before people really started doing snap-chat premiums that’s what I did, so I’ve been doing social media since 2014, so I already had kind of a following going in. On Instagram, I had about 75k because I am pretty familiar with social media and how it works. I also think people can relate to me because I don’t filter what I say and I think people like to live vicariously through me. I’m not really sure, but it’s cool! I like that people like to follow me.

KushDolls: Yeah, you seem very down to earth and approachable.

Tana Lea: Thank you! Actually it’s funny because then there’s situations like in person where I’ll be at a bar and dudes will just look at me, but never talk to me. Maybe they think I’m not easy to talk to because of the tattoos or something.

KushDolls: I can see how that might happen. It might also be that we are desensitized by social media. In-person interaction is so rare these days.

Tana Lea: True! I spoke to a friend about it recently and he said that guys are probably intimidated by seeing me in person but that they are also probably looking me up on dating apps to try and match with me and talk to me that way instead of walking up and starting a conversation. It’s so crazy! They go through all that trouble instead of just walking up to someone and introducing themselves. I’m never rude to anyone! If someone walks up to me and talks to me and they’re not being creepy I’m not just going to blow them off, I’ll have a conversation with them, but their fear of rejection is too strong so they don’t even approach me, which is sad because they are missing out on actual cool human interaction.

KushDolls: That’s so true. It’s such a crazy concept. Social media has taken over.

Tana Lea: It has!

KushDolls: What drew you to a career in the adult entertainment industry? You worked traditional jobs for most of your 20’s so what made you switch over?

Tana Lea: My whole life I worked for the state of Texas doing various State and government jobs, like working for the Attorney General, working with the prisons, and things like that. Then I got married and that didn’t go well, so I moved out of my hometown to Austin and started waitressing at a strip-club, which was different for me because I used to be very prude. I almost didn’t marry my ex-husband because he had his bachelor party at a strip club. That’s how I was raised, so I didn’t know any better. I was very sheltered. So when I moved to Austin and started waitressing, I also started modeling and got famous on snap-chat and then people started asking if I sold NSFW content like topless photos or nudes, or even solo videos and I had a really high demand for it, so I started my own website and from there I started growing more and more. I started my website in 2015 and was cashing out about 1k a day so I realized that it was lucrative and there was a demand. So, then I started working for fleshlight and doing their social media and working more in the adult industry. I guess I was technically already working in the sex industry by selling my private content but it wasn’t really working in it like I am now. I was more on the amateur side of it, but I was working with the companies. I went to an event with fleshlight and met some porn stars that actually had their shit together and they had money and they were respectful and sober and just living their lives and I thought, “Okay, maybe this is different than everyone is making it seem.” Everyone makes porn seem so gross and horrible, and once I met people who were empowering and actually doing shit with their lives I thought that it just made sense because I was already working with these companies like Brazzers and Pornhub and it helped me get my name out there. I had followers that were following me, but this gave me access to an audience that followed porn so that they could get to know and start to like me and it just blew up. It was all about promo and getting my name out there and that’s pretty much how it all started for me.

KushDolls: That’s awesome. Networking is so huge. Especially when you’re doing something with social media and modeling, so it’s really cool that you were able to make those connections and build your career more off of that.

Tana Lea: Yeah, it was cool too because even before I started doing porn I was connected with pornhub and redtube and stuff because I had started doing snapchat takeovers, and they would actually ask me to shout them out to get their snap-chat going because I had so many followers, so when I transitioned into porn they were like, “Oh shit! This is our girl!” So they were very supportive.

KushDolls: I love that. Theres a lot of misconceptions about adult actors and actresses and what goes on. I’m sure theres some shady stuff that goes on, just like in any industry, but a lot of people don’t know the reality of it all.

Tana Lea: Yeah, honestly porn is like 10% of my job, I literally do it about once a month, but the entrepreneurship and the social media and website and that part of it all is the majority of what I do.  I basically get to have sex on snapchat and smoke weed all day!

KushDolls: That’s the life! It’s amazing that you were about to make that much money just doing your own thing.

We want to give a HUGE shout-out to Tana Lea for taking the time out of her busy day to chat with us about herself and her job. She was a total sweetheart and it was a blast chatting with her. Hopefully soon you guys will see her rocking some official KushDolls gear! Make sure you’re following this gorgeous babe on her social media platforms and check out her snapchat for some goodies!! Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with this beauty!