Getting to know Tana Lea: Part 2

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We know you’ve been waiting for it so here it is! Part 2 of our interview with the stunning Tana Lea! If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, click HERE and catch up! 

KushDolls: There seem to be a lot of social media or Instagram models coming out of the woodwork trying to breakthrough into porn, but they still don’t seem to have large followings, you on the other hand have almost half a million followers. How was that for you? Any Instagram secrets you want to share?

Tana Lea: Thank you! The past like few months alone I’ve gotten like 200k followers. I get a lot of traffic. Also I think that a lot of these girls think it’s a competition but it really isn’t. These girls are going to have different followers than me and so when they cross-promote other girls, their followers think that they’re friends with each other so if I say, “ Go follow this girl” they’re going to follow her because they’re going to think that we are friends but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to give me less money, it just means that they’re going to go follow this other chick. It’s all about cross-promo. Girls get super jealous and super insecure about it but it really doesn’t do anything wrong to help out other girls, and that’s honestly how you build more followers.

KushDolls: I love that. I love that you say that. That’s awesome.

KushDolls: Some of our readers might think that working as an adult actress, it desensitizes you to intimacy or “regular” relationships. Do you believe that to be true?

Tana Lea: Yes! 1000%. Before porn, I never got tested or anything, but now that I’m in porn, I am so safe. It’s actually really hard for me to have sex with just regular people. I do a show pretty much every day on my snapchat, and usually it’s just me having sex. So if I’m seeing a “civilian” guy, my requirements are basically for him to have sex with me on snapchat, because if I’m hanging out with him, and I’m not hanging out with other people, and he doesn’t want to have sex with me on snap chat, he’s stopping me from making money. The other issue I run into is if im seeing a guy, and hes okay with having sex with me on snapchat and hes doing some POV stuff, he wants money for it and its like “No. You get to have sex with me! I’m not going to pay you for sex!” Its also hard because it isn’t as common for guys who aren’t in porn to be religiously tested for STI’s. Then you’ve got the guys who want to fuck you in weird ways! I had a guy tell me he basically wanted to take Viagra and then have sex all night, and I was like “What the hell? I don’t want to be fucked all night! Can’t we just have some regular good sex and then go have a beer?” That’s a common misconception with “civilian” guys. They think that porn chicks want to be fucked like they are in porn, or they want to be validated and want me to think that they’re doing a good job. It’s a constant struggle.

KushDolls: That makes total sense. So then you would say that having a relationship would be difficult while in this industry?

Tana Lea: Yes. And the thing is that I don’t want to date a performer either. That’s the catch-22. It would have to be someone that was totally open minded. Which is hard! If you’re not in porn, its hard to understand that its actually just work. When I have sex with these people on film, I’m not choosing to have sex with them on my own, I’m having sex with them because my agent told me to, and I’m getting paid. I’m also not going home with them afterwards. Its literally a job. You show up and do your job, you perform, it’s a performance, then you get your check and you leave. That’s literally all that it is. But sometimes that’s not how it is for everyone and that’s why I say that I would never date a performer.

KushDolls: When you’re hustling and on your grind, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do!

KushDolls: What is your relationship with cannabis?

Tana Lea: I started smoking weed when I was 15 but I never learned how to inhale. So when I was like 21 my brother smoked weed with me fir the first time and was like, “Bro you’re not even inhaling!” So I was embarrassed that I could never inhale so when I moved to California I started just eating edibles to get high, so for the longest time that’s what I did! Then I finally learned how to inhale, so now I smoke like an ounce every 4 days I think! I smoke a lot of weed! I also have a mood disorder, and I’m very self-aware. I used to have to go to therapy and all that to help me regulate it, but now I just use weed and it helps me so much. I can tell when I’m about to have an episode and weed helps me even it out and be able to actually function.  It also helps me deal with the shitty comments and hate that I have to deal with on Instagram. When most of your job is on social media, you have to deal with a lot of that and weed helps me not get upset about it. I hate when I travel to other states and it’s still illegal and I don’t have access to weed. I’ve gotten kicked out of my hotel room before for smoking. Like, why is it okay for someone else to bring their addictive pills with them when they travel, but I can’t have my weed so I can be normal?

KushDolls: Yeah, so it’s truly medicinal for you it sounds like.

Tana Lea: Yes! I still smoke just to relax and use it recreationally, but yeah it’s a medicine for me too.

KushDolls: Do you dab as well, or only flower?

Tana Lea: No, I really like flower, I don’t really use dabs.

KushDolls: Dabs can be a little too much sometimes!

Tana Lea: Yeah, dabs can get you really fucked up and most of the time I’m not trying to get fucked up, I’m just trying to even out. If I have shit to do I definitely can’t dab.

KushDolls: What would you like to see happen with the cannabis industry in the next few years?

Tana Lea: Id like to see a time where people can just smoke and not get into trouble for it. People who need weed should be able smoke whenever and wherever they want to. No one is going to get so fucked up on weed that they hurt someone else. I could be in another city and smoke 12 joints and get super high and the most ill do is just eat and then fall asleep. The only way you could ever hurt someone else would be driving while too stoned. Otherwise there’s no way. I think literally everyone could benefit from smoking weed.

KushDolls: Well especially now with the recent research into CBD and the other concentrates and stuff.

Tana Lea: Exactly. Anyone I’ve talked to who didn’t like it, I’ve always asked them what they smoked and most of the time they didn’t know. That’s the thing. You’ve got to know what strain your smoking and what will work best for you, not every strain is for everyone. You cant give someone with Anxiety some Sativa and expect them to chill and be fine.

KushDolls: That’s so true! I can’t really smoke Sativa strains because it makes me anxious and paranoid. I stick to Indica, or Indica dominant hybrids. It’s all about knowing what works for you personally! It’s really awesome that you’re so knowledgeable about it and can help people.

KushDolls: Have you ever considered including cannabis as a theme of one of your movies?

Tana Lea: Yeah! Ive actually done a scene with weed before! It was pretty fun.

KushDolls: That’s really cool!

Tana Lea: I also want to do a snapchat show where I fuck my weed delivery guy! All these girls do scenes where they fuck the pizza delivery guy, so I think one like that would be cool.

KushDolls: That would be quite a scene!

KushDolls: You have been so successful since just 2017 alone, so where do you see your career taking you in 5 years?

Tana Lea: I’m not really sure, to be honest. I don’t really set long-term goals. You never know what is going to happen, so I just focus on what I am doing right now and set short term goals for myself. You really don’t know when your time is up, and you can’t buy more time, so I don’t really set any 5 year plans.

KushDolls: How about career goals?

Tana Lea: Yes! Right now I am very focused on my snapchat because it gives me the freedom to travel and that’s what I want to do. I just want to travel, smoke a lot of weed and have a lot of sex!

KushDolls: That sounds like heaven!!

Tana Lea: Right?!

KushDolls: What is a fun fact about you that people might like to know but don’t already?

Tana Lea: Well, I’m naturally blonde! People actually also think I’m taller than I actually am. I’m only 5’4. I’m a really good speller! I’m also super country. I was the fair queen and walk around barefoot and stuff. Total country girl.

KushDolls: So cute!!

KushDolls: I see that you’re a fan of tattoos. Which one of yours is your favorite?

Tana Lea: I just got a really cool illuminati alien one. I like to get really baked and watch alien and conspiracy stuff, so I’m very into that kind of stuff, so last time I got tattooed he did an illuminati alien thing so that my favorite right now.

KushDolls: Nice!! That sounds like a fun one.

Tana Lea: I also want to get a succubus cause that basically my life.

KushDolls: That’s such an amazing idea!

KushDolls: Okay, last question: What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to break into the adult entertainment industry?

Tana Lea: Use social media! A lot of girls think that when they get into porn theyre immediately going to be the next Jenna Jameson and when youre new you do get booked a lot because youre a fresh face, but after about 3 months no one books you anymore because either they’ve already shot you, or theres a break in time in between shooting and the release of the video so they don’t know if it came out good and if you capture well and what the audience thinks of you, so what you need to do is use social media and always always always promote yout self. No one is going to ride harder for you than yourself so if you don’t have your own back no one else will. You have to treat social media as a job. You can’t just see it as something that isn’t serious. You have to treat yourself like a brand and push for it. Make sure you do more than just shoot with companies. Also, ask questions! If you have questions ask people! If one person won’t tell you, someone else will.

KushDolls: Thanks for that! Thank you so much for talking with us!!

Tana Lea: Yeah of course! Thanks so much! This was fun.

We hope you enjoyed part 2 of our interview with this total babe! We want to give a HUGE shout-out to Tana Lea for taking the time out of her busy day to chat with us about herself and her job. She was a total sweetheart and it was a blast chatting with her. Hopefully soon you guys will see her rocking some official KushDolls gear! Make sure you’re following this gorgeous babe on her social media platforms and check out her snapchat for some goodies!!