Good Morning Sunshine, Your Life Sucks

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The vast majority of people in America go about their lives in a seamlessly never ending loop. Wake up, drink your coffee, put on your suit and go to a job you hate. Type the day away and daydream about your secretary on her knees in front of you while you go to meeting after meeting. Come home to dinner, and after dinner you watch a little TV. Shit, shower, shave, and if it’s a Friday, you fuck your wife missionary for 5-7 minutes, no foreplay, and she moans because she feels obligated to, but she probably doesn’t cum. It’s the same thing every week. Repetition. And somehow, people grow comfortable with it and the cycle doesn’t end. They pretend to be happy and content with these mundane lives and, inevitably, this is what gets passed down to their kids.
      These mothers watch the children and allow themselves to be consumed with motherhood and so that’s all that they become. Just “Mom.” She daydreams about a life without children and a boring fucking husband who can never seem to find her clit or make her cum, but she sucks it up and soldiers on anyways, because she’s been programmed to believe that as a mother, her children are her entire life. In the dark of the night, while they face opposite directions and pretend to be asleep, they each secretly hate their lives, and each other, but nothing changes. Day in and day out the cycle continues. Work, kids, Mom, Dad. It’s always the fucking same. Years go by and sometimes it’s good. They love each other but they’re never truly happy. They raise their noses at the single moms, and the artists and dreamers because stability is the American Dream so they must have it all, right?
     Then there are people who won’t settle for the social norm. The ones who not only crave passion, but actively seek it, and won’t settle for the mundane lives most people lead. They seek jobs that excite them, and partners who inspire them. They think about the world and society in an entirely different way and the expansion of their minds, and the continued collection of knowledge becomes so much more important to them than almost anything else. Sex is critical, exciting, passionate and anything but boring. Its your artists, and your dreamers. Your social outcasts. The ones who fight for what they want and won’t settle for anything less. The moms who realize that your life doesn’t end once you have kids. You don’t turn into this zombie woman who lives every second for tiny humans, and that she can still embrace her sexuality and creativity. It’s the single dads alike who raise their kids and do the best they can whilst still following their dreams. It’s the starving artist who relies on connection, and doesn’t sacrifice their ideals, morals, and dreams and settle for a suit, tie, and misery in the form of a blue collar gig. It’s everyone else who refuses to accept the idealistic bullshit society has been shoving down our throats since birth and they carry on pursuing their dreams.
And if I’m being honest, it’s funny to me to see how one side doesn’t understand how the other half could possibly live.