Ho Ho Ho Merry Kushmas!! Christmas with Califas!

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Kushmas with Califas the KushDolls way!

Last weekend KushDolls had the opportunity to join Califas and their crew for their annual holiday party. Celebrating the launch of Califa’s Music Group, we headed to Lion City Recording Studios in Ventura and brought along a couple of gorgeous KushDolls to help get everyone into the holiday spirit, of course! You’ve already seen both of these gorgeous girls before! Our beautiful Duchess joined us and absolutely killed it, per usual. We just can’t get enough of her! She was joined by our adorably sexy Hayley, as sweet as she is beautiful, and the two of them combined kicked the party up a whole other level. From Polaroid pictures to sexy shotgun videos, this party was one to remember.

Califas left no stone unturned and no box unchecked as they presented us with incredible live performances including Comedy by David Frietas, Hip-Hop and rap by the amazing Empress Kush and of course some amazing Reggae and much more as they presented artists such as After The Smoke Music, Kris Simeon and Matthew Dylan Diana. Showcasing their featured artists, the Doc Martin Band, Califas Music Group truly brought out the best for this party.

They also had a smoking room featuring a ton of amazing products with a table full of goodies for people to take home. All over the table they had a spread of products from sponsors like BudKing edibles, In Your Face Farms and Extracts, and MyCBD. Of course goodies from Califas themselves covered the table as well as beautiful handcrafted pipes, grinders, and much more were put out for the guests to enjoy and take home.

We couldn’t have asked for a more hospitable host, and as our videographer Steven walked around the party capturing the fun, we all truly had a blast!

Look out for more content from KushDolls and Califas in the future! Make sure you check out Califas Music Group, Lion City Recording Studio, and show all of the artists and their pages some love!

A huge thank you to Califas and Califas Music Group for all of the holiday fun!

We’d also like to shoutout our amazing videographer Steven for driving all the way out to Ventura for this! A 6 hour round trip for him but he still came and killed it! Follow his page for a sneak peek of what we did, and stay posted for full coverage of the party that will just make you mad you weren’t there!