In N Out Shoot With Priscilla!

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That’s What A KushDoll Is All About!

What happens when you bring a vegan model to In-N-Out? She pretends to eat a burger and slays anyways!

Priscilla was a total trooper a few weeks ago when we pitched the idea of a shoot at In-N-Out! I’m sure you’ve seen those stylistic shoots at In-N-Out with the model biting into the burger and sipping a milkshake? We wanted to try our own twist on that! What goes better with some munchies than some french fries? So we headed over and shot this magic! Huge props to Priscilla for being such a trooper about it! She didn’t even take a bite of the burger or drink any of the shake, but she sure made it look good, am I right?

Shout-out to our photographer Mickie Vulture for catching such stunning shots! Make sure you give him a follow!

We hope you enjoy this set!

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