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Changes, they are a-comin’!

A great deal of users on the IG platform have been, or will be, affected by it the newest alterations to the rules and regulations. The restrictions will become that much harsher, and the algorithm will be cracking down even harder on profiles that currently rely on Instagram to make a living.

It seems strange that in a society where things are more widely accepted than ever before, our social media platforms are catering to those who prefer censorship. It seems as though the rules they set aren’t enough. On a daily basis we are seeing users deleted or shadowbanned even though they are technically abiding by the already-strict guidelines set. Now, with the new rules in place, not even “suggested” content will be allowed. This creates issues for people all across the platform. Many ladies and gentlemen on Instagram rely on their following to generate a living. Influencers use their pages as a business, and their customers are their followers. Many of these people have very large followings, and when their pages are blocked or deleted, they lose all of those connections. Often times it is difficult for these people to re-build their following quickly enough to not see a hit to their livelihood. This is a problem!

There are other platforms that don’t have such strict rules pertaining to certain content, but these platforms aren’t as easy to generate business on as Instagram is. Theres also the fact that some of these platforms, such as Tumblr, are now jumping on the censorship bandwagon.

What do you think these new changes to the Instagram policy are going to do for its users? Do you think its about time for a shift to a platform that doesn’t value censorship and instead values its loyal users?