Joel Alvarez Is: The Black Tape Project

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“100’s of rolls of tape. Scissors and spikes, hair and makeup running up and down. The chaos is my therapy and the time is my stress. A team of hand-selected artists to assist with the application just so we can meet the deadline of show time. Tape everywhere. On them, on us, but all so we can make sure tape is on your mind. . .” – Joel Alvarez

There is usually a turning point in every artists life where something just clicks. Either its something that you see, and envision it a different way, or something that someone says or does just resonates with you, but these moments where everything else clears away, and that one idea becomes so sharp and focused can make or break an artists career. In the case of Joel Alvarez, creator of The Black Tape Project, this moment happened during one of his photoshoots back in 2008. A point in time that changed his life and created a vision that has grown and shaped itself into what it is today, a decade later. An idea sparked, and thus, The King of Tape was born.

Only 4 short years after his lightbulb moment, he was selling his services to local nightclubs. Imagine someone told you that you would make your living by taping up women. Naked women to be exact. Naked models. Would you believe them? This is exactly what Joel Alvarez does and I’m sure if someone told him this 10 years ago, he would have laughed in their face. But, he doesn’t just tape these models up, he masterfully applies each piece of tape in the most incredibly artistic ways. The tape he uses becomes a garment that even Alexander McQueen himself would delight in. The way that the tape compliments the shapes and curves of these models is truly breathtaking. It is no wonder that in the 10 years that Mr. Alvarez has been doing this, he’s grown so much in popularity that high profile models, magazines, and even news stations have recognized him for what he does.

“…Then the moment comes. When all eyes are on her. We take over the room as the room takes over her. She submits to the tape and then I truly begin. Welcome to the world of the BlackTapeProject. . . This is only the beginning.” – Joel Alvarez

He started out using black electrical tape, and has since expanded his color choices to include silver, gold, and blue. With the tape, he does incredible things. From crafting a bikini onto a model, all the way to a full body ball gown, he can use as much or as little as possible and the results are always the same: Fantastic.

Mr. Alvarez says, “I began to notice that the way the lines of tape would complement the figure was unlike any wardrobe or fashion out there.” We are inclined to agree! If you’ve seen his work, you will see exactly what he means. We look forward to following the journey that is, “The Black Tape Project” and seeing what he comes up with next!

If you ever want to experiment with some tape yourself, Mr. Alvarez sells everything you’d need on his website! Get creative and show us what you come up with!

“A form of chaotic therapy. The mind loses itself and you are in the zone.” – Joel Alvarez