KushDolls does StreetMeetLA in Pasadena

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Another StreetMeetLA on the books for KushDolls!! Huge thanks to Dovvie for putting together such a well-planned photo meet that turned out 400+ photographer and models! We showed up with our gorgeous KushDoll Shellyce. She rocked our fan favorite, the red bodysuit, and although it was her first time modeling at a big meet, she completely killed it, drawing the attention of any photographer within a 10 foot radius. Climbing onto water fountains, trampling through brush, this awesome girl did what it took to get those good shots. She was a total star.

Along the way we met Tina and Diamond, two best friends who were modeling at the meet and they agreed to do some on-the-spot modeling for us! Diamond in the black suit, and Tina in the blue, these girls jumped right in next to Shellyce and grabbed everyone’s attention. It was insane! They looked incredible together! As we walked the path we found more and more great spots for shots and we wrapped up the day with all three ladies up on a cement platform absolutely killing it. It was definitely a day to be remembered!!

A huge thank you to all of the models and photographers that took the time to take photos of our KushDolls, and even those who just stopped to chat with us, asking our most frequently asked question, “So, what is a KushDoll?!”

It’s truly incredible that there’s such an amazing, inclusive community of photographers, models, and creators alike who can come together like this to produce the pure magic you see at a StreetMeetLA event. We had an absolute blast and can’t wait to be back in the future!!

– Mayren
– Jesus Stifler
– Zeeqoh