KushDolls go to Venice Beach, CA

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V - E - N - I - C - E

A stoner hippies paradise! Classic Venice Beach. We had an awesome time shooting Amber and Nazy, two gorgeous tattooed goddesses in Venice. Both of these ladies have some serious modeling experience under their belts so we wanted to make a shoot with KushDolls memorable! It was a beautiful day, and although the wind was quite the hassle, the photos speak for themselves. These girls are the real deal! They looked amazing rocking the red and blue KushDolls bodysuits! These KushDolls were quite the attention grabbers as well. Most of the people that passed by us as they were doing their thing had phones out, snapping photos or taking video! A huge thanks to these lovely ladies for coming out in all of the traffic and dealing with the wind to get the good shots! Make sure to check them out and show them some love!