KushDolls Meets Moonrockets LA

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Fly me to the MoonRockets!

KushDolls had the opportunity to partner up with MoonRockets Vape on a shoot down in LA with the gorgeous Mah Suicide and our always lovely girl, Duchess. MoonRockets provided some of their delicious Vapes for us to shoot with, as well as some delicious joints to take home with us. Mah and Duchess met up with us at LAC studios and donned our red and blue KushDolls one piece suits, looking amazing next to each other! Mah also wore our KushDolls crop top and booty shorts with some cute black heels and totally killed it. They both smoked some of the yummy MoonRockets Vape while shooting and got nice and lit while doing their thing! MoonRockets has tons of delicious flavors that pack a punch and get you nice and high. The convenience of having the vape just in your pocket and ready to go can’t be beat! Make sure you stop by their Instagram page and get yourself some of their delicious product, and check out Mah Suicide and Duchess for some of this gorgeous set!

A Huge thank you to MoonRockets for joining us on this shoot, and of course, a big shout-out to our team for pumping out some awesome content, as always!

Photography: David Caldera & KushDolls

Videographer: Jxpaz