Queen Kitty

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I’m Queen Kitty – Kitty for short. If you know me, I am nothing short of just that!
As a 23 year old living in the heart of Seattle, I’m a bit of a homebody since I spend most of my time training in circus arts and studying cannabis. (from individual strains to different sciences regarding cannabis) My goals are to get into cannabis engineering while utilizing my esthetics license to really help progress the cannabis culture and utilize it’s medicinal purposes even further.
–These goals have stemmed from my daily battle with pain managanement, anxiety, and even acne. These chronic illnesses I live with create a domino effect in my life that is nearly impossible to stop… I live with fibromyalgia and another joint disorder, but I THRIVE because of cannabis. Because I am able to maintain a healthy diet and sleep schedule due to medicinal cannabis, my passion for this plant has taken over my life.
I travel throughout the Pacific Northwest as a circus performer, model and esthetician utilizing my performance and education to try and help others on making healthier and more natural decisions. I perform with flow toys, fire arts, do character performances, and gogo dancing (at places such as EDC, Freaknight, Imagine Festival, etc) to create an experience that allows me to connect with my community so I can better educate and overall impact their lives.
I believe I would be a great addition to your #kushdolls team. I truly believe the woman that are already involved to not only be beautiful and can smoke heavy! But, I also believe we all have something to offer the community that others struggle to find or have knowledge of. These women are motivation, intelligent, open minded and engaging. Those traits all stem from something completely unique and 100% useful in the growth and success of our beloved Mary Jane. My goal is to do and be just that for my community. To be an advocate, an educator, a consumer, everything in between.
Queen Kitty

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