Something Wicked, This Way Comes! KushDolls Halloween Shoot!

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“Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorize ya’lls neighborhood.”

KushDolls got extra creepy with these two gorgeous models in honor of Halloween! Trekking to Vernon to shoot next to some graffiti and old trains, we had our amazing MUA there to glam our girls up with some sexy half skull faces.

Karina is a fitness queen, owning her own studio and offering booty building twerk classes. She joined us and looked stunning in her cute knee high socks and heels! She’s just the sweetest on top of that! An absolute pleasure to work with.

Janey, a true witch, is an awesome model with some really cool experience and absolutely killed it wearing 10inch heels and gave us gorgeous shots. She’s covered in beautiful ink and has long black hair which added that extra edge to the photos.

Both of these ladies rocked the shoot and cranked out some really great content. We hope you enjoy this spooky set and have a wonderful and safe Halloween!!

Special thanks to our team for coming out and killing it, like always!

Photography: David Caldera & KushDolls

MUA: Selenne Lujano