Taking Over Chinatown with Emily!

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When in Chinatown,do as the KushDolls do!

We mobbed out to Chinatown with the gorgeous Emily to shoot some amazing video footage! (Check out our IGTV!)

She rocked our red KushDolls bodysuit and strutted her stuff in the courtyard underneath the lanterns. We played some bomb music and she walked and danced around as our videographer captured her best angles! This girl knows her stuff! She was a complete natural and, to put it in her own words, “She was born to be in front of a camera!” We agree!

She popped into our crop top and booty shots for some footage and more than a few eyes were on that little bombshell as we filmed! A total knockout. We had a blast shooting with her! She’s a total peach! 😉

Videographer/Editor: Mickie Vulture