The Curse of the Pretty 1’s

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Here’s a conundrum for all of you fuck boys and bad bitches alike: Why is it that it’s easier for ugly people to find, and be happy in love, than it is for those that are attractive? Stick with me here. Let’s take a little trip back to last week. I’m driving down the street listening to Halsey’s song ‘Bad at Love’, feeling oh, so sorry for myself, when I see them. His arm wrapped around her shoulders, her arm around his waist and with her free hand, her fingers are entwined with his. They are clearly very much in love. He leans down to kiss her sweetly as they cross the street and as I slow in front of them they look up at me. Boom!!! Both hideous.

this really got me thinking. More often than not when I see a couple that looks truly happy and in love together, they are both ugly. Is it easier to find someone to love you without the expectations of physical beauty? Am I really meant to be punished for being hot? Am I indeed “too sexy” to find love? When you’re attractive you have options. You have the luxury of picking and choosing who you choose to spend your time with. Maybe that’s the problem! Is this choice really a curse instead of a blessing? When there’s slim pick-in’s you just make that shit work. You have a problem? You fix it. You have a fight? You work it out. But when you’re hot, you’re like “Nah, fuck you. I’ll wait for someone who deserves me!” *insert fake tears and dramatic hair flips.* in conclusion, perhaps we should all just be ugly. Then maybe we won’t have so much trouble finding someone to love. Too bad I’m shallow and only want the sexy ones. Cue forever alone hashtag. *le sigh*