The Goldblum Experience

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"Life, uh, finds a way."

A few weeks ago, the KushDolls team had the opportunity to see the astounding Mr. Jeff Goldblum live and in person. Alongside being the marvelous actor that he is, he also is an avid Jazz Music lover, and plays the grand piano in a group called Jeff Goldblum and The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. They play all over the place, but we were lucky enough to catch them at The Rockwell Table and Stage here in Los Angeles.

Being an intimate venue, this experience was incredible! We were quite close to the stage and got the chance to enjoy the music and comedic quips of Jeff Goldblum, up close and personally. In between songs, he played games with the small audience, and interacted with people, coming up tables and introducing himself! As if an introduction was necessary, it was sweet nonetheless.

The music itself was enchanting. I think that everyone, even if just a small part of them, can really sit back and enjoy the melodic renderings of Jazz music. It was upbeat and lovely. There was a lot of toe-tapping and head bobbing to the beat. Watching Jeff play the piano was a treat all of its own! You could tell just by watching him that he was up there doing something he truly loved.

During the intermission, while the band took a break, Mr. Goldblum offered the chance for the audience to come grab a photo with him and say hello. We obliged, of course, and it was such a fun moment! He wasn’t shy and grabbed and hugged each person who came to greet him.

The music resumed and as we sipped our wine and munched on our parmesan fries and crème brulee they played their hearts out. We were on a Goldblum high!

The show came to an end and he said goodnight to the crowd and as everyone dispersed, he stood by the stage to chat with a few stragglers. We knew that we needed to seize the opportunity to ask him a few questions, so, shakily, we walked up and asked for a short interview and he was happy to oblige!

Jeff Goldblum photographed at the PMC Studio in Los Angeles for the Variety Playback Podcast.

KushDolls: What is your favorite movie?

Jeff Goldblum: My favorite movie? Hmmm that’s a tough one!

KushDolls: Too many to pick?

Jeff Goldblum: Yes, definitely, way too many.

KushDolls: Fair enough! Would you ever run for President?

Jeff Goldblum: Oh, no!

KushDolls: No? You don’t think you have the personality for it?

Jeff Goldblum: No! The personality, or the qualifications. It takes, not just personality, it takes great intelligence, wisdom, uh, and vast knowledge.

KushDolls: That’s true! Okay. Last question: What would you suggest as a good intro to Jazz if someone wanted to expose themselves to Jazz music?

Jeff Goldblum: Well, our album when it comes out November 9th!

KushDolls: But of course!

Jeff Goldblum: Also anything by Thelonious Monk!

KushDolls: Awesome! Thank you so much!

Jeff Goldblum: Thank you, my darling!

It was definitely a night to remember!! Next time, maybe our interviewer will be brave enough to ask him some questions about cannabis! Regardless, the Jeff Goldblum experience was incredible. He is such a gracious man, and he was an absolute pleasure to meet.

Long story short: KushDolls and Jeff Goldblum are now besties.