The Rise Of The Cannasexuals

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For decades now people have used cannabis as a sexual enhancer. When asked their favorite activity while stoned, many people would default to: “Have sex!” And the truth is, if you’ve used marijuana as a precursor to sex before, you’ll know how much better it can make the whole experience. So it’s interesting that the idea of using cannabis as an aphrodisiac is just now beginning to be researched and studied further.

Most recently, you may have heard the term Cannasexual. This was a word that was referenced by Sex Educator Ashley Manta. She uses this term to refer to a person or a couple that intentionally uses cannabis as a means to increase pleasure and experience during sex. Think of it as being categorized as a sort of kink now. She described different ways in which you can use cannabis to spice things up in the bedroom. With the rise of concentrates, edibles, lotions, and other cannabis infused products, it has become that much easier to incorporate marijuana into your sex life. There are now lubricants that contain THC as well as massage oils and candles. You can always go with the old-fashioned way and smoke with your partner before doing the deed, but regardless of how you choose to get high before sex, it’s pretty much guaranteed to make your experience all the more pleasurable.

With all of the new research on cannabis increasing sexual pleasure, id encourage you to experiment! Try different ways of ingesting cannabis before sex and see what works and feels best! Let’s be honest here, you can never really go wrong with more cannabis and more sex. This is one of those experiments where everyone wins!