The Same Face, A Different Name

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The Same Face, A Different Name

We dip our fingers into the black paint and smear lines across our cheeks, drawing the lines on our faces like we drew the lines in the sand. The stench of decaying lies rises in the air and as it fills my nose, I recognize it. The smell of war.

There is no gray area here. You must choose your side. This battle does not allow for the void of indecision. You are unsure of where you stand? Here, come with me, we will happily brainwash you into picking our plight. The rest of us have been programmed since birth, so that conversion was all too easy. And although our opponents use the same methods of madness, they are still our enemy.

We are so fucking different, even though we are the same. They are wrong and we are right, I can promise you that. They think the same way but we are not the same! We fight for the greater good.

Two sides of the same coin, you say? Perhaps. But, we are heads and they are tails, and, sure, maybe we sacrifice our ideals, and sometimes our morals, but greater good! Greater good!

We are the good guys.

What’s that? We look the same? Sure. Maybe we do.

And they think just like us? Fighting for what they think is right? Okay, fine, but they are still wrong, and we are still right and we are different!

In the grand scheme of things we want only to silence them. Why? Well, because they try to silence us, of course! But, it’s only wrong if they do it. We fight for the appropriate cause so our actions are sanctioned. We cry out for change! We fight for the man! Okay, okay, they might too but we are different! So very different!

Can you hear the drums? Can you smell the blood in the air? Our tunnel vision doesn’t matter. I was told to fight, so I fight. I was told that they are wrong, so they are. I’m a good little soldier. As long as they tell me that I am on the right side and my conscience feels clear, I will blink away any inner doubts and fight on. Yeah, I can see that we all look  the same, but we’re different! Cause my side tells me so.

Locked in the prisons of our own opinions. I made my bed and now I must lie in it.