Viva La Victoria!

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Catching the Golden Hour in Long Beach!

We spent the day in Long Beach shooting with the lovely Victoria! The weather was beautiful and the lighting was perfect! As we shot, even the life guards on duty couldn’t focus on their life-saving duties, and instead focused their attention on her! Thankfully, no one drowned!

Victoria is a Chicago native who moved to California last year to escape the cold and further her modeling career. We assured her that LA was the perfect place to be for both of those things! She also happens to be an artist! We were lucky enough to see some of her work and it blew us away!

The sun started to set, and we sat her down for an interview while she smoked out of her new Bottle Bong and munched on some of her Ellay Gourmet edibles.

We had a blast shooting with this lovely KushDoll and we hope you enjoy her content as much as us!!