Your Story: Desiree Rivera

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“Through this journey I’ve learned to open up and enjoy life just a little more.”

“My name is Desiree Rivera. I’m a 19 year old published print and runway model. I was mainly raised in Arkansas, I come from a family that didn’t have everything we wanted but we got by with what we needed. I would’ve never pictured myself becoming a model when I lived in AR. I moved to Florida a little over two years ago and for some strange reason about a year and a half ago I figured I would try modeling out, and see where it takes me. Before I started I was honestly kinda shy and kept to myself. Through this journey I’ve learned to open up and enjoy life just a little more.
Modeling has taught me self confidence and has helped me meet so many different unique people that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to talk too. I’ve been in 9 different runway shows starting in Orlando Florida and my last one was actually in New York! I’ve even had the honor of being published in 3 different magazines.

My dream one day is to show people that it doesn’t matter what back ground your family came from or how much money your parents have. To show that even though you will get turned down and told no multiple times, you only need that one yes for your break. Anybody can be somebody you just have to want it enough to make it happen.”

We would like to thank Desiree for sharing her story with us. Please check out her Instagram to follow her modeling journey!