Your Story: Jungla Suicide

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“You only get once chance at this…”

Straight from the exuberant Amazonian jungles of Peru, this week, we bring you an interview with Lia, you might have heard of her before by the name of Jungla Suicide. How did she become a model, one of the most iconic suicide girls today and a business owner? You are about find out.

“You only get once chance at this, you don’t want to get to old age filled with regrets”

Brought up in a very conservative family of both religious and military traditions, Lia decided to leave it all behind and come to the United States with only $2000 in her pocket to pursue a life of broader possibilities.
Two things Lia made sure of before leaving the nest, travelling a lot and graduating from school with great grades. Having full-filled her thirst for adventure and her parents expectations, Lia realized that she simply did not fit in the little conservative town that she grew up in “I couldn’t dress how I wanted or go out when I wanted, I had too many limitations, I just needed to be honest with myself”

How did you get into modeling?
When I was a teenager I would always dream to pose for Playboy. I was very impressed with the confidence and power that these women exuded, at the same time, I did not feel like I could identify with them, so I started investigating further for alternative modeling publications until I came across Suicide Girls. It became my new obsession. I noticed that they did not have any Peruvian Suicide girls, so I made it my mission to fix that”

What do you think your followers like the most about you?
I like to show the real me, not just pictures from photo-shoots, but also I like my followers to see that I’m a regular girl who likes to cook, go to the gym and spend time with her best friend Willie (my dog.)

Do you remember your first time? (Smoking weed)
Haha, well, I was only 13 and I was very much into going to shows and checking out local bands. It was just part of the environment. Once I started, it became part of my life. I feel like it helps me deal with stress and keep positive even through hard times. I think that a lot of people could benefit from smoking marijuana and letting go of chemical drugs. I’ve never seen anyone smoking marijuana and not having a smile on their faces. Happy people make me happy.

Indica or Sativa?
I use both, it really depends on what I’m doing, if I’m going for a walk with my dog, I smoke some Indica, helps me relax and chill but if I’m going to the gym I love me some Sativa, especially if I’m doing cardio, I feel like I can keep going and going without even feeling it.

In your view, what’s the future of the marijuana industry?
I think sooner or later marijuana will be legalized across the states, we can already see the benefits of using it, whether you have problems sleeping, eating, strees, etc, marijuana helps.

What do you like to do for fun?
Three things: Going to the gym, shopping and cooking!
I feel like when I go to the gym I can get my inner beast out, makes me feel invincible. After that, Clothing is my weakness so it is very possible that part of my day will include stopping by a clothing store or a thrift store to see what’s good and finally, what better way to wrap the day that going back home and cooking a delicious meal? Nothing beats homemade!

What piece of advice would you give to 15y/o Lia?
I would tell her to relax, I would tell her that she is not wrong about how she feels and what she wants out of life, I would tell her to not doubt herself and to press forward, always.

What keeps you motivated?
I like to give myself challenges all the time, keeps me on my toes, I’m very proud of what I have accomplished so far but as soon as I get there I give myself a new challenge and that keeps me going.

What’s your next big goal?
I started an online clothing store, I would like to make it grown, maybe eventually get an actual physical location and keep on expanding, I would love to open locations all over the place and of course in Peru.

We would love to thank Lia (Jungla) for the awesome interview, we look forward to see what’s next with this Amazonian Princess and hopefully one day have an official KushDolls photo-shoot with her.