Your Story: Migs

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” I wanted people to see that the female body is a work of art and not just a body.”

“My name is Miguel but I prefer Migs. I’m a Hispanic photographer located in the San Fernando Valley, close to LA. I wasn’t always a photographer. I started with illegal graffiti. I was in the streets almost every day, and often times didn’t come home till the morning. My friends are like my brothers. We have been through it all together, getting chased, arrested and even losing close friends, but that’s what made me who I am today, and a huge reason why I started photography.

I’ve been shooting photography for about 3 years now. I started off with street/cityscape shoots first, and then I moved on to shooting models. I started shooting models and trying to get into the music business because I wanted to expand my work, and shoot everything I could, not just one topic or theme.

People always ask me why I shoot models. My response is always, “Why not?” I’ve always wanted to be published and featured in big magazines or companies. That’s part of the reason I started shooting models, but I also wanted people to see that the females body is a work of art, and not just a body. The female body can tell so many stories through modeling. You can see what they have been through and how it impacted them as they grew up. It’s almost like a story. People are too focused on the glamorous lifestyle and what they see on television, but that’s not reality. I love to shoot what people go through every day in reality. The struggle, single moms, violence, gangs, graffiti, poor neighborhoods and the culture of my city and state. People seem to forget where they came from, and that’s the reason I love street photography; to show everyone else how hard life really is. I started off with nothing and now my brothers and I are making moves to succeed. Always remember that life is so valuable.”

We would like to thank Migs for sharing his story with us. Please check out his Instagram for more of his awesome work!